A Playbook for Data-Driven Retail Site Selection

Using Advanced Analytics to Drive Brick and Mortar Retail Planning this Year & Beyond




Brick and mortar retail has certainly had winners and losers due to global events over the years. Some brands have pivoted effectively, whilst others have struggled to navigate quick changes in consumer behavior.

In this report, co-authored by CARTO (leaders in Location Intelligence) and The Retail Gazette (leaders in independently-sourced news and analysis relating to the retail industry) we look into several site selection strategies and how Advanced Spatial Analytics can be combined with new streams of location data to help retailers adapt, survive, and thrive.

The report contains:


  • Retailer case studies from across the globe, outlining how they have adjusted their store network strategy in response to the global pandemic and ever changing consumer demands.

  • Details on how innovative streams of spatial data can be leveraged to surface site expansion or consolidation opportunities.

  • Examples of how retailers can use Location Intelligence and Spatial Data Science approaches to drive expansion decisions and predict store performance in a given target territory.


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