Data Monetization for Credit Card Providers with Location Intelligence

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With a total purchase volume of $811 Billion, Mastercard’s network comes in as the world’s 2nd largest credit card network. As the data “gold rush” has commenced, Mastercard’s transaction data is a motherlode, and by further professionalizing their location insights offering and finding a way for this resource to be leveraged by their customers and partners, they develop another avenue to bring greater value.


But monetizing big data resources involves a number of challenges:


  • - Ensuring customer privacy alongside data safety and security
  • - Finding an avenue for productizing insights
  • - Providing value at a wide range of granularities and spatial scales


Mastercard Retail Location Insights


Download the case study today and learn how Mastercard worked with CARTO’s Professional Services team to build a high-performance solution to meet their specific security needs, to appeal to a wide audience across multiple industries, and that can help their clients and partners to gain valuable insight. With MRLI (Mastercard Retail Location Insights), Mastercard is achieving their goal of “Enabling Global Commerce.”