UNHCR Lebanon:

Nimble, Collaborative Rapid Response


With over 1.5 million refugees arriving over the last 7 years, Lebanon has shouldered much of the weight of the Syrian Refugee Crisis. The systemic impacts of such an influx are vast in their scope and extremely complex, as are the relief efforts aiming to mitigate those impacts.


The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR)’s Inter-Agency Coordination Unit in Beirut bears this burden, operating at the epicenter of a complex web of refugee support and response. They coordinate between over 200 organizations working on-the-ground throughout the country.




To coordinate collaborative, rapid response efforts, the UNHCR has employed CARTO as a major component of their centralized command center, powering:


  • - Maintenance and management of geospatial data
  • - Live updates from relief workers in the field
  • - Spatial analyses for resource allocation and optimization
  • - On-the-fly, data-driven decision making


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