Spatial analytics is on the rise, unlocking new business opportunities in a wide array of industries. Throughout this webinar series, we’ll show you how Data teams in different industries can power their analysis and get richer insights using CARTOframes—our Python library and go-to tool for those looking to bring their analysis to the next level with spatial insights and build end-to-end spatial data science workflows. Both technical and non-technical attendees are welcome!


In the first webinar in this series, Virginia Diego (Senior Product Marketing Manager) and César Monteserín (Product Manager) focus on the Real Estate sector. Commercial and Residential Real Estate firms, funds, and consultants are taking their market and investment analysis to new levels through Spatial Data Science, considering the why behind the where.


What you learn:


  • - The role of spatial data and analysis in Real Estate decision-making
  • - Most valuable use cases in Real Estate: revenue prediction, pricing optimization, and site selection
  • - How to get started with CARTOframes and Data Observatory (our spatial data repository) to put it all into practice


A pdf of the slides of the presentation is also available to download here