Helping Insurers Uncover Location Data and the Predictive Analytics Factor

Flo Broderick

VP of Marketing at CARTO

Whether it’s B2B or B2C, one thing’s for sure: insurance claims are 100% location based. However, only a handful of insurers are currently leveraging Location Intelligence as a cornerstone strategy to manage their risk analysis, fraud detection, site planning and territory management. 


With spatial analytics, insurers can hyper-accurately pinpoint anomalies and claim inconsistencies, visualize customers’ location data to deliver customized offerings and identify disproportionate risk accumulation, among many other modern challenges. According to IBM, 87% of insurance companies believe that predictive analytics will lead to more detailed and real-time data on pricing efficiencies and risk analysis, creating a competitive advantage for their organizations.


In this webinar, Florence Broderick, VP of Marketing at CARTO, talks about:


    • Current challenges insurers are facing and how leveraging LI can help.
    • How insurers can effectively determine risk, make investment estimates, and allocate resources with predictive analytics.
    • Different location data applications, trends, and best practices for the industry.


A PDF of the slides of the presentation is also available to download here.