Using Spatial Analytics for Logistics & Supply Chain Optimization

Discover how location analytics can help solve some of the most pressing challenges within the Logistics industry.




Designing and managing the movement of goods from Point A to Point B is a complex and ever evolving challenge.


As events across the world –such as rising environmental concerns, freight costs, port congestion & ecommerce sales– continue to affect the industry, it’s crucial for Logistics firms to be able to discover where they can cut costs, save time & make further improvements swiftly. But how can they do that? With the help of location data and spatial analysis.

In this report, we examine the most crucial challenges Logistics companies face and how spatial analysis can help solve them.

This report includes:


  • Key applications of location analytics to resolve Logistics pain points.

  • Real-life use cases from leading companies across the world.

  • Tips on what analytics profiles need to know to be successful in the field.


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