Evaluate Real Estate investments in Opportunity Zones with Location Data

Sébastien Burgess

Real Estate sales specialist at CARTO

Leo Mackey

Real Estate sales representative at CARTO


The initial buzz around Qualified Opportunity Zones (QOZ), the designated 8,762 U.S. census tracts using tax incentives to drive economic growth, may be fading, but many are now asking questions on ways of evaluating one QOZ with another. This uncertainty has led to conflicting reports on unrealized capital gains QOZ investments would generate, which some analysts value at more than $6 trillion.  


In this webinar Sébastien Burgess, real estate sales specialist for CARTO, and Leo Mackey, real estate sales representative, show us how developers and investors can identify and compare the risks and rewards between QOZ with Location Intelligence. During their presentation, Sébastien and Leo introduce a new approach to evaluating regional variance using CARTO's platform enabling real estate professionals to:

  • - Compare economic performance and potential of various QOZ with historical socio-economic data.

  • - Monitor performance of contiguous tracts for trends and patterns that may impact QOZ investment.

  • - Determine variance among QOZ to calculate benefits of tax incentives for each zone.