WEBINAR WITH Transparent
Understanding Short Term Rental & Tourism Trends through Geospatial Data

Thursday, June 27


Florence Broderick

VP Marketing

Fernando Dal Re

VP Marketing

Karim El-Shammaa

Data Scientist


The short-term rental industry revolves around location. Accomodation and travel decisions are inherently spatial, which is why Tourism has become one of the top ten sectors driving Spatial Analytics market growth by 2020.


In this webinar, Fernando Dal Re (VP Marketing at Transparent) and Karim El-Shammaa (one of Transparent’s Data Scientists) will join Florence Broderick (VP Marketing at CARTO) to discuss:


  • - How leaders in Real Estate and Travel are leveraging Location Intelligence to drive investment analysis and geomarketing decisions.
  • - How spatial data can be used in Data Science workflows to understand Short Term Rental patterns.
  • - Why new data streams are becoming a game changer in the industry, focusing on a case study from this year’s Champions League Final.


At the end of the webinar, we’ll hold a Q&A - so be sure to bring your most challenging questions for our team.


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