Modernizing the Geospatial Analysis Stack

The ultimate handbook for navigating the new geospatial landscape.




With geospatial data complexity and volumes growing exponentially, a streamlined approach to geospatial analysis is critical to transform data into more manageable and actionable insights.


Wondering where to start?

  • "Modernizing the Geospatial Analysis Stack" is the ultimate guide to optimizing your tech stack for bigger, faster and more collaborative spatial analysis.


You’ll learn:


  • How the Geospatial Industry is changing.  
  • Moving away from proprietary and siloed tooling towards an open, collaborative and scalable ecosystem.

How Spatial Data is Special. 


Learn about conventional and newer spatial data types and formats, and how to use them for different use cases. 

Tools of the trade.


Discover the tools that make up the modern geo tech stack, from data architecture and analysis platforms, to data visualization libraries. Find out what the low-code movement and AI mean for you.

And much more!


This report serves as a guide for those looking to transform their operations by leveraging the latest cloud-native technologies to solve geospatial use cases at scale. 


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