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The State of Spatial Data Science 2023

How does your organization's Data Science & GIS setup compare to other organizations?




Spatial Data Science, is a rapidly growing discipline across a wide range of industries in both the private and public sector. Since our last edition in 2020, it's clear that Spatial Data Science is no longer the niche practice it once was and major cloud players are enabling the industry to accelerate.


To understand these new trends, we teamed up with AWS inviting hundreds of thought-leaders from organizations across the globe to participate in the State of Spatial Data Science 2023 Survey to gain new insights on tools, methodologies and datasets being used.

In this report you will discover:


  • How does your GIS and Data Science set-up compare to other companies?

  • How will investment in Spatial Data Science resource fluctuate in 2023 and beyond?


  • Which tools and technologies are the top choices for the modern geospatial professional?

  • What does "cloud native" mean for Spatial Data Scientists?


...and much more. Download today to see where your organization stands!