Providing top-notch connectivity services is the number one goal on every telecom’s agenda. However, this isn’t enough. In today’s demanding market all telecom operators need to strive to create new streams of revenue to avoid becoming “a dumb pipe”. Luckily, this is where using Big Data and Location Intelligence can help.


In this session Carmen de la O Millán (Solutions Engineer) and Helen McKenzie (Geospatial Advocate) showcase the key geospatial use cases for telecoms. The webinar explains how these solutions can optimize your operations and create new revenue streams, drawing on CARTO and Google Cloud’s collaborations with customers such as Telus and Vodafone. 


Learn about:


- How to optimize your 4G/5G deployments with geospatial data
- How telecoms are creating products from mobile data that can be sold to B2B clients
- Using geomarketing capabilities to understand where to focus promotion for new propositions for both B2B and B2C customers
- Using geospatial analysis to provide insights to public sector clients on their IoT assets


A PDF of the slides of the presentation is also available to download here.