Embedding Location Intelligence in Web Apps that Enhance User Experience
Román Jiménez

Front-End Engineer at CARTO

Víctor Velarde

Front-End Lead at CARTO


It’s hardly surprising to note that increased connectivity from smartphones, mobile devices, and IoT networks has changed consumer behaviours. What is more surprising, however, is the rate at which user expectations have changed. Recent studies find that online shoppers start to have “shopping cart second thoughts” after waiting only 22 seconds for a website to load. In a 2018 study, Google found that 53% of mobile site visits are abandoned if visitors are left waiting more than 3 seconds. For developers, today’s web and mobile apps must be user-centric in both design and performance.


In this webinar, Román Jiménez, Front-End Engineer at CARTO, and Víctor Velarde, Front-End Lead at CARTO, showcase the latest products and features available for developers to reduce production time of custom-built apps and deliver superior user experiences. More specifically, the session focuses on using CARTO’s tech stack for embedding Location Intelligence in a variety of web and mobile apps. Topics covered include:


  • - Reducing client-side load times with CARTO VL

  • - Creating the app style and embedding widgets with Airship

  • - Integrating Airship with other frameworks like React, Angular or Vue.




A PDF of the slides from the presentation is also available for download here