The Sum of Our Parts: The Complete CARTO Journey
Jaime Sánchez

Customer Success Manager

Andy Eschbacher

Data Scientist



For enterprise organizations, an average of 60% - 73% of data goes unused for analysis. The goal of Location Intelligence is to not-only bridge this analysis gap, but, by leveraging spatial components, create deeper insights.


But Location Intelligence isn’t a magical box that eats data and pops out insight. Rather, it is a repeatable framework that powers the data-to-insight pipeline, and can be incorporated throughout your organization. That framework has 5 steps:


- Data
- Enrichment
- Analysis
- Solutions
- Integration


For the last year, CARTO has been laser-focused on improving the components of our platform that enable these 5 steps - Whether it is the release of CARTO VL and Airship, for building custom solutions, Building out CARTOframes, so data scientists can do spatial analysis in their preferred environment, partnering to bring modern data-streams, or boosting our APIs and integrations.


In this webinar, we put all of the pieces together - showing, using the example of the Real Estate market in Los Angeles, how the CARTO platform powers a data-to-decision workflow, showcasing every step along the way.


* If you have a CARTO account, every step of this demonstration is open and repeatable, so you can get started bringing new data-driven insight in your organization today.


A pdf of the slides from the presentation is also available to download here