Learn how to integrate spatial data and analysis to your data science models using CARTOframes—a Python package that allows data scientists to seamlessly integrate CARTO maps, data, and analysis into their current environment.


We have recently launched a new CARTOframes version packed with new functionality to build powerful end-to-end spatial data science workflows. 


In this webinar, Andy Eschbacher (Data Scientist) and César Monteserín (Product Manager) show how you can power your spatial data science journey with CARTOframes:


  • - Creating interactive visualizations straight out of Jupyter notebooks
  • - Enriching your data with best-in-class data streams
  • - Analyzing your data and getting insights using your own libraries, functions, and workflows
  • - Uploading and sharing your maps


We go over CARTOframes new functionality and real-life examples. 


A pdf of the slides of the presentation is also available to download here