In this hands on webinar, we introduce the new features of CARTO for React v1.1 and showcase how this framework can be used to accelerate the development of cloud native geospatial applications.


Borja Muñoz, Product Manager and Antonio Hita, Solutions Engineer at CARTO will use practical examples and live coding to demonstrate how CARTO for React opens up endless app development capabilities for geospatial use cases.


What we will cover in the session:

  • - How we have seamlessly integrated the latest release of CARTO for React with our cloud native Location Intelligence platform.
  • - An overview of our enhanced support for GeoJSON, new templates for JavaScript and TypeScript, and a wider range of data widgets.


- How CARTO for React v1.1 has been enhanced to integrate with Google Maps vector basemaps.




  • If you are a Developer working on web-based geospatial applications, then don’t miss this webinar!


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