Building rapidly responsive Location Intelligence apps with CARTO VL

Mamata Akella

Head of Cartography at CARTO

Jeff Ferzoco

Sr. Customer Success Manager at CARTO


Whether neighbourhood boundaries, store locations, or mobility patterns across vast terrain, visualizing location data is a challenge. And with higher volumes of location data streams comes the need for more advanced technology to render and express this data’s value.


Traditional raster tiles have been effective so far for visualizing data layers in digital mapping, but increasingly some use cases require greater functionality. CARTO VL is a next-generation javascript library for vector-based visualization and analytics enabling faster and smarter decision making with Location Intelligence applications.


In this webinar, Mamata Akella (Head of Cartography at CARTO) and Jeff Ferzoco (Sr. Customer Success Manager at CARTO) show how CARTO VL enables designers and developers to have more flexibility and control when styling maps. Join Mamata and Jeff to learn more about:


  • - The main features and benefits of the CARTO VL library

  • - How to build a map using the resources in  our Developer Center

  • - Some practical examples of how CARTO VL can be used in your business