From the beginning of the outbreak, the COVID-19 pandemic has been full of unknowns, with many of them having a spatial dimension. 


In the last few months, we’ve seen a growing number of individuals and organizations from a wide range of industries creating maps and leveraging information from our Data Observatory to make a better informed response. For that reason, we made our platform available to those fighting against the disease via our grants program.


In this webinar, our Founder & CSO, Javier de la Torre, and one of our Data Scientists, Miguel Álvarez, walk through a real-life example - the increasing population working from home in NYC - using Safegraph's human mobility metrics. Watch the recording and discover how to integrate COVID-19 public data within Spatial Data Science.


What you’ll learn:


  • - How to explore the Data Observatory and select the right data sets available for your projects.
  • - How to perform spatial analysis and create interactive visualizations using our Python package, CARTOframes, within a Jupyter notebook.
  • - How to enrich your analysis with best-in-class data streams.