Tips and Tricks for Working with Demographic Data
Holly Orr

Customer Success Manager at CARTO

Alex Roth

Solutions Engineer at CARTO


Whether determining market performance, modeling transit closure impact, identifying populations with limited healthcare access, or segmenting customers for ad campaign, at the core of many data-driven projects is demographic data. However, this resource can be difficult to access thanks to cumbersome data portals, predefined boundaries, and non-standardized formats used by census agencies around the world. This can skew demographic insights, but these issues can be resolved using data augmentation workflows.


In this webinar, Holly Orr (Customer Success Manager) and Alex Roth (Solutions Engineer) present tips and solutions to common problems encountered when working with demographic data. This session focus on working with our Data Observatory using the CARTOframes library for Python. Topics to be covered include:


  • - Running Data Observatory queries to interpolate missing values

  • - Extracting demographic insights for custom-defined boundaries

  • - Working with demographic data in an international context


A PDF of the slides from the presentation is also available for download here.