UK spending habits have shown some interesting patterns through the COVID-19 crisis.  Pet stores have seen a 50% weekly increase in spend, gardening stores have seen 39% more sales & bike shops have seen a 24% uplift due to a rapid change in consumer behaviour. 


Understanding how spend is evolving spatially as we socially distance ourselves can be challenging, with data often being difficult to access fast enough - however, using new location data streams & methodologies can provide opportunities for businesses (and government departments) needing to adapt their strategies & policies in “real-time”.


In this webinar, our Data Partnerships Manager, Alejandra Aranzadi, is joined by Colin Magee, Chief Commercial Officer of one our partners Doorda to explore how UK Open Data & Spatial Data Science can provide granular insights for a range of use cases such as geomarketing, supply chain & site selection





A pdf of the slides of the presentation is also available to download here