• With a 700% surge interest for UK based holidays and many employers pushing their staff to take holidays by a certain deadline, understanding how evolving consumer and tourist behavior might affect public health by location is important - especially with the concept of local lockdowns starting to become common across Europe (such as Leicester in the UK, or Galicia and Lleida in Spain).  


    In this webinar, we're joined by data specialists Doorda, to look at commercial location, COVID-19 infection and hygiene ratings data to see how such information can help identify an increased risk of contagion this summer. Our speakers, Alejandra Aranzadi (Data Partnerships at CARTO) and Clifford McDowell (CEO & Founder of Doorda) walk us through:


    • - What data can be used relating to consumer behavior & public health.
    • - How to carry out an effective spatial analysis using new data streams.
    • - How conclusions can be used by private and public sector businesses in the new normal.




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    A PDF of the slides of the presentation is also available to download here.