Using Spatial Data Science to balance Field Sales Territories

Florence Broderick

VP Strategic Solutions & Data at CARTO

Wenfei Xu

Data Scientist at CARTO

Creating efficient, profitable, and fair sales territories are no mean feat. But at a time when it costs an average of $115k to replace a sales rep, it’s fundamental to get the balance right, for both productivity and retention.


In this webinar, Wenfei Xu (Data Scientist at CARTO) and Florence Broderick (VP Strategic Solutions & Data) walk through how Spatial Data Science enabled a North American medical device company in Illinois to drastically reduce travel for their reps and design fairer territories. They cover how Location Intelligence can:

  • Decrease fuel costs for your sales fleet
  • Reduce the standard deviation of sales between territories
  • Balance compensation for your sales team


Florence also discusses how Spatial Models can be made available in solutions that are accessible to business users in field sales organizations - connecting to CRM data from Salesforce or SAP.