• If you’re a facilities, safety, or risk manager for a large workforce, you’re probably looking at a long list of measures to consider as many businesses begin returning to offices, factories & other large workspaces. Whether it’s movement & temperature sensors or sanitization compliance tracking - organizations need to get on top of their data collection and analysis to ensure employee safety while mitigating risks of lawsuits from infected workers.

    In this webinar, Flo Broderick (VP Marketing at CARTO) and Coleman McCormick (VP of Product at Fulcrum) discuss how companies can avoid falling behind on data collection using mobile technology and dashboards to get an understanding of key data points relating to workspaces. You’ll come away from this webinar learning about:

    • - Guidelines for your return to work checklist.
    • - What data can support you in the short term.
    • - How you can prepare a longer-term indoor analytics strategy.
    • - Get a real-time picture of employee risk within a location and across an enterprise.

    You’ll have access to a pre-built app that you can implement or customize to begin your COVID-19 compliance and visualization right away.





A PDF of the slides of the presentation is also available to download here.