Generative AI and large language models have expanded to be a part of just about any tool that exists online. In the geospatial world, LLMs (specifically) present a great opportunity to work faster and share geospatial analytics with a much larger audience.


This webinar will review a practical approach to using LLMs in geospatial analytics using a progressive approach to start small and grow. We will share a roadmap of the various ways to use these tools in your work from running faster analysis up to allowing users to interact with geospatial analysis via text. You will also learn how to address issues like privacy and model hallucinations as well as how to measure if these tools are actually making an impact.


Join this webinar on September 7 with Matt Forrest, Field CTO at CARTO, to learn:  

● How Large Language Models (LLMs) are being used (and not used) in spatial analytics.


● How to review a progressive roadmap for generative AI within geospatial that starts small and scales up while reducing risk.


  • ● Examples of how these tools are being used today
  • CARTO_Workflows_AI


    • A PDF of the slides of the presentation is also available to download here.