Boost your campaigns with Location Intelligence

Nancy Trumpet

Business Development Manager at CARTO

Peter Murray

Content Marketing Manager at CARTO

According to BIA/Kelsey, 80% of U.S. total social ad spending in 2022 will be reserved for mobile ads. With more than 90% of the global population using mobile devices, industry analysts expect location targeted advertising to grow from $17.1 billion in 2017 to more than 38.7 billion over the next four years. This accelerated growth is sure to disrupt geomarketing in 2019 as marketing, advertising, and media agencies learn to build campaigns and customer personae around the idea that “where you go is who you are.”


To alleviate these growing pains, Nancy Trumpet (Business Development Manager) and Peter Murray (Content Marketing Manager) show us the value location data brings to each stage of marketing campaigns at our webinar. During this session, Nancy and Peter present different ways of working with Location Intelligence solutions and different location data streams to:


  • - Run feeder market analysis to locate where customers originate for future campaign targeting
  • - Display insights gained from unparalleled granularity produced from bringing together multiple data streams
  • - Highlight how location data increases ROIs due to the scalability of campaigns