• Google Analytics (GA) has become a core component of many businesses by providing actionable and measurable insights when defining marketing and global strategies. 


  • The tool provides detailed information on website traffic, campaign performance, and consumer behaviour patterns. However, and despite its great potential, the location data attached to each prospect's activity is generally underutilized.


  • In this webinar, our partner Liveli, joined by Data Runs Deep and Red Balloon, explore the wide range of insights you can achieve by performing spatial data analysis on your Google Analytics data. The webinar will show a demo of how to get the most out of your Google Analytics data using BigQuery and CARTO


  • What you’ll learn:


    • - Where is your product demand coming from and in what categories? 
    • - How can you see cart abandonment rates by user location?
    • - How can you see the geographic spread of the customers who visit your site, versus customers who actually make a purchase? 


    First GIF Product buyers by origin
  • In addition to this, the webinar will cover:


    • - The current state of location data within GA360, how to find it and use it to your competitive advantage
    • - The CARTO and Google BigQuery connector: a great tool for any businesses using GA360 who want to perform spatial queries on large datasets
    • - How to use third-party data to supplement your existing GA data
    • - How to get started using CARTO, Google BigQuery, and GA360


    A PDF of the slides of the presentation is also available to download here.