In this webinar, we focus on how Google Cloud and CARTO can be used to tackle even the most challenging Location Intelligence use cases at scale. 


With the CARTO Spatial Extension for BigQuery, Google Cloud users can now leverage the power and scalability of the BigQuery platform, whilst unlocking even more advanced geospatial capabilities.


Join Chad Jennings (Product Manager at Google Cloud) and Matt Forrest (VP of Solutions Engineering at CARTO) to see how the Google Cloud and CARTO platforms work seamlessly together, extending spatial functionalities in BigQuery to near limitless levels of scalability.


What you’ll learn:

  • - See how CARTO’s cloud native platform empowers BigQuery users by opening up a full suite of spatial functionalities right inside the platform.
  • - Using practical industry use cases and demos, understand how you can interact with BigQuery hosted data, enrich with 3rd party datasets, run advanced spatial analyses, and seamlessly publish beautiful map visualizations, using Google Maps.


If you are a BigQuery user and serious about scaling your cloud-based spatial analysis workloads, then don’t miss this webinar!


  • A PDF of the slides of the presentation is also available to download here.