Governments organize cities by municipal districts and neighborhoods. But what if cities were measured by the activities of their inhabitants and visitors, rather than conventional boundaries?


BBVA Data & Analytics and CARTO present Urban Discovery, a project that shows how large, multicultural and dynamic cities can be organized on the basis of their commercial activities.


The Urban Discovery initiative sets forth an innovative approach to analyzing city dynamics with Location Intelligence, identifying functional areas through anonymized data from credit card transactions to visualize and to compare activities in different areas that are not tied to traditional city boundaries. 


In this webinar, Juan de Dios Romero from BBVA Data & Analytics, and Isabel Garate, Partner and Project Manager at CARTO, share:


  • - New ways of measuring cities limits by commercial activities, versus traditional delimitations,
  • - How to measure opportunities and achieve data-backed decisions through location data,
  • - Real-life use cases: Urban Discovery Project in Madrid, Barcelona, and Mexico City.
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