Introducing Mastercard Retail Location Insights

Matt Forrest

Director of Business Architecture

Alissa Chisholm

Product Strategist


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U.S. retailers might have closed a record amount of sites in 2017, leaving more than 105 million square feet of commercial real estate vacant - but they also opened more than 3,000 locations. Brick and mortar isn’t dead, but getting it right has never been more difficult.

To address this challenge, Mastercard has been working closely with the CARTO team to relaunch their Mastercard Retail Location Insights (MRLI) solution in the US, UK, Canada and Australia. In this webinar, Alissa Chisholm (Product Strategist at CARTO) and Matt Forrest (Director of Business Architecture at CARTO) give a live demo - and discuss how the product can be used to answer questions such as:


  • What is the cannibalization landscape for a gym operator?
  • What effect does a new business park construction have on a surrounding area?
  • What is a property’s stability and growth potential and ability to generate rent?