Tools and infrastructure to support modern GIS (or geo whatever you want to use here) are increasingly replacing the traditional GIS infrastructure that has been in place for decades. These new tools (more of which are being added all the time) enable new analysis on larger-scale datasets. At the same time, this is accelerating the ability for GIS users to migrate to the cloud and decreasing costs for organizations. 

If you find yourself asking the question, "How can I enable a modern geospatial data stack for my organization", or if you are curious about the technology behind these tools, then this webinar is for you!


Join Matt Forrest, Field CTO at CARTO, to:

 ● Learn about the trends driving changes in the modern data stack for GIS.

 ● Understand the terms, tools, and architectures in the modern geo data stack. 


 ● See a tactical roadmap for implementing modern GIS at your organization.

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A PDF of the presentation slides is available to download here.