Popular PostGIS Workflows to Improve Spatial Problem-Solving
Matt Forrest

Director of Business Architecture

Peter Murray

Content Marketing Manager

At the end of last year, Google announced Fusion Tables were to be “turned down” by December 2019. Despite the euphemistic marketing, news that the popular geocoding and data visualization service would end came to some as a shock. For geospatial advocates, however, the news served as a reminder on open source alternatives for working with location data.


In this webinar, Matt Forrest and Peter Murray introduce popular PostGIS commands, queries, and analyses that are easy to iterate and implement into everyday workflows. Topics to be covered include but are not limited to:


  • - ETL processing for geometries and geographies

  • - Data augmentation using Data Observatory queries

  • - Different types of proximity analysis

Background experience in SQL, Postgres, and PostGIS is helpful but not required.