Changing consumer behaviors, accelerated by the global pandemic, have forced retailers to rethink their strategy for selecting new sites and repurposing existing stores.


Retail spaces are being transformed into dedicated hubs for online shoppers to pick up their orders, or into brand showrooms where the consumer can browse products before purchasing online.


As the sector slowly comes back to normality this year, brick and mortar retailers must prioritize their store network strategy to enable them to get back to, or increase, profitability.

In this webinar, we focus on the key trends influencing post-pandemic Retail Site Selection. We explore how geospatial data and analysis can help retailers better understand market dynamics to surface real expansion or consolidation opportunities.


Join Jamie Woolley (Product Marketing Manager at CARTO) and Argyrios Kyrgiazos (Data Scientist at CARTO) to learn how major retail brands are adjusting their site network in response to emerging consumer demands.


What you'll learn:


  • - The key challenges faced by brick and mortar retailers as locked down consumers steadily come back into our high streets and shopping malls.
  • - Real-life examples of retailers that have adjusted their site selection approach to account for these changing consumer behaviors.
  • - How new types of spatial data such as social media behavior, POIs, and foot traffic data can be used to understand and predict customer behavior and drive better site selection decisions.
  • - Insight into the key geospatial analysis techniques and tools that can be used to uncover opportunities to optimize the store network. 



        • A PDF of the slides of the presentation is also available to download here.