The feedback economy is revolutionizing customer behaviors and preferences, yet businesses are still relying on traditional metrics and missing out on crucial insights. How can businesses leverage qualitative and sentiment-based insights for effective and sustainable business growth? 


Location and Market Intelligence enriched with Sentiment and Popularity data, can be crucial to identify strategic markets to expand brick-and-mortar stores or distribute products, both of which play a vital and evolving role in shaping the overall consumer journey.


In this webinar with Hannah Babineau, Head of Partnerships at Data Appeal, & Alejandra Aranzadi, Data Partnerships Lead at CARTO, go over:

 ● An introduction to the feedback economy; how are consumers relying on reviews and customer feedback to make spending decisions?

 ● How businesses can leverage customer sentiment and online reviews for data enrichment and effective Location Intelligence.

 ● A real-world use case: see how a CPG Brand finds the best POIs to distribute their product based on popularity, customer sentiment, price range & services available. 

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A PDF of the slides of the presentation is also available to download here.