Dunkin' vs Starbucks:

a tale of two Site Planning strategies using Location Data

Holly Orr

Customer Success Manager at CARTO

Peter Murray

Content Marketing Manager at CARTO

The coffee wars are heating with Dunkin’ Donuts recently rebranding itself as simply Dunkin’ and Starbucks closing store locations in over saturated markets. And yet these quick service restaurant (QSR) chains continue to appeal to private and 1031 investors who view them as e-commerce resistant assets.


The Boulder Group reports that in the first half of 2018 QSR transactions increased 10% over last year with private buyers accounting for 75% of all QSR properties sold. And while demand for QSR assets shows no signs of slowing, analysts, investors, and individual business owners are determining when and where to invest using Location Intelligence.


In this webinar, Holly Orr (Customer Success Manager at CARTO) and Peter Murray (Content Marketing Manager at CARTO) show us the value of using location data streams for investment analysis while evaluating the different expansion strategies of Dunkin’ Donuts and Starbucks in New York City. During this session, Holly and Peter demonstrate new ways of identifying investment opportunities using transaction, mobile, and historical sales data in order to:

- Monitor historical commercial performance of potential investment 
- Locate nearby competitors and compare market shares over time
- Evaluate historical site planning decisions to diversify portfolios and reduce risk