• Slowly but surely, many countries are moving out of lockdown towards the “new normal” in the workplace – which is proving challenging for many. Ensuring employee safety is a number 1 priority for most organizations – which is why they are turning to technology and analytics to support their workspace return decision-making.


    In this webinar, Javier de la Torre, Founder & CSO at CARTO, is joined by Victor Alvarez and Gregory Botanes from Situm to discuss how facilities managers and business leaders for corporate offices, healthcare, manufacturing, and a range of other industries are rapidly implementing such technology. You’ll learn:


    • - How to measure the capacity of your office - ensuring social distancing best practices.
    • - How to achieve digital contact tracing for your organization.
    • - How data can be used to drive decisions around hygiene control.


    A PDF of the slides of the presentation is also available to download here.