Best Practices for Spatial Data Science using CARTO and Python
Andy Eschbacher

Data Scientist at CARTO

Joe Pringle

VP - North America at CARTO

Learn how you can combine CARTO and Python for spatial data science from the comfort of your own Jupyter notebook. In this technical webinar, Andy Eschbacher  (Data Scientist at CARTO) and Joe Pringle (VP - North America at CARTO) show how to apply CARTOframes and CARTO's Python SDK to build powerful end-to-end spatial data science workflows. This webinar specifically focus on two areas:

  • - Using CARTO in a Jupyter notebook

  • - Demo examples of custom data science web applications built with CARTOframes and CARTO VL


Along the way, Andy show how CARTOframes fits into the wider data science ecosystem by visualizing local GeoPandas dataframes along with cloud-hosted data in a vector map, return spatial SQL queries against a cloud database as pandas dataframes, and compose data-driven maps along with charts using matplotlib.