As the new decade gets underway, we can expect to see technological advancements in sensing, IoT, automation, and much more. As a result of and in conjunction with these advancements, it seems that new modern location data streams are emerging every day.


These data streams are a treasure trove of new, vital information and insight for businesses and organizations across industries looking to gain a competitive advantage. But unlocking these insights requires a deeper understanding of spatial data analysis techniques.


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There are 3 million Data Scientists working around the world today. Yet among them, only a small fraction could be considered Spatial Data Scientists.


Join Giulia Carella (Data Scientist at CARTO) and Steve Isaac (Content Marketing Manager at CARTO) for a 40 minute session, where you learn some of the techniques and resources that can help you bolster your Spatial Data Science skills.


In this webinar you learn:


- What is Spatial Data Science? Types of Spatial Data and how to visualize it.

- Spatial Modeling. How to leverage location in Prediction?

- Methods for Spatial Clustering and Regionalization.

- Logistics Optimization. What does data for optimization look like?


A pdf of the slides of the presentation is also available to download here