2023 is yet another year of disruptive trends for retailers. According to NIQ, 37% of global consumers say they are in a worse financial position this year, a clear demonstration of the global recessionary mindset. On top of that, post-pandemic work-from-home lifestyles have altered shopping patterns and behaviors, dramatically changing the geography of spending.


In this webinar, Remy Welch, Cloud Customer Engineer at Google Cloud and Matt Forrest, VP Spatial Data Science at CARTO, explore how geospatial analytics can provide retailers with valuable insights to drive better business decisions in these challenging times.


We take a deep dive into how CARTO's Location Intelligence platform and Google Cloud's BigQuery data warehouse work together to help retailers analyze customer behavior, optimize store locations, and make data-driven decisions.


  • You’ll learn:

 ● The benefits of using geospatial analytics for retailers with real-world use case examples.

 ● How to leverage CARTO and BigQuery to gain insights into your customer data. 

 ● Best practices for building effective geospatial analytics solutions with a live demo.

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      • A PDF of the slides of the presentation is also available to download here.