How to Use Spatial Data Science in Your Site Planning Process
Giulia Carella

Data Scientist at CARTO

Steve Isaac

Content Marketing Manager



Spatial data from a variety of sources are increasingly used to make more informed business decisions that maximize ROI.


In this webinar,  Giulia Carella (Data Scientist at CARTO) and Steve Isaac (Content Marketing Manager) show how CARTO can be used in site planning applications to analyze multivariate geolocated data and derive data-driven insights when opening, relocating or consolidating location sites.


In this webinar, we cover:


  • - How to access the CARTO Data Observatory for data enrichment and how to use CARTOframes for powerful visualizations and returning spatial SQL queries.
  • - Develop a similarity score combining different data sources (e.g. mobile, financial, demographic, and point of interest data) to find locations that show similar characteristics with respect to an existing site.

 A pdf of the slides from the presentation is also available to download here.