Powering Transportation Planning with Location Intelligence

Dongjie Fan

Data Scientist at CARTO

As the US government prepares to spend $1.5 trillion on infrastructure repairs and upgrades, spatial analytics will play a major role for local transportation planners looking to better understand current infrastructure conditions and prioritize improvements.


Transportation planning activities involve numerous traffic data components and analyses. Accuracy in traffic data collection is fundamental, in that the resulting data serves as the foundation for road, highway and bridge infrastructure planning. At the same time this location data helps to monitor assets in real time, optimize routing, and improve services, safety and reliability. 


New advancements in Location Intelligence research have allowed us to deepen our understanding of human mobility patterns across the world. In this webinar, we showcase our new foot traffic data stream - a customizable 24hr population dataset.


Dongjie Fan, a data scientist on the research team here at CARTO, walks you through our modeling process of turning raw data into a data product, and highlight use cases ranging from business to government settings.