New Challenges, New Data: The Power of Location Data in Utilities
Virginia Diego

Product Marketing Manager

Ben Terrett

Customer Success Manager


62% of Utilities companies plan on using spatial analysis in their business. Whether it’s EV Infrastructure Rollout, Incident Prediction or Territory Management - the importance of Location Intelligence is growing rapidly as new competitors and regulation continue to put pressure on incumbents.


In this webinar, Ben Terrett (Customer Success Manager) and Virginia Diego (Product Marketing Manager) discuss how leading energy companies are turning to innovative new location data streams and new location platforms to answer challenging business questions such as:


  • - EV Infrastructure Rollout: how can network planners go beyond census data and other traditional data sets to understand consumer propensity to buy electric vehicles?
  • - Churn Reduction: how can Utilities leaders prevent churn by taking into account the context of location in their retention campaigns?
  • - Geomarketing: how can marketers geotarget campaigns to sell new technologies (such as solar panels) to consumers who are more likely to make the transition?


This 30-minute webinar discuss how other thought leaders are approaching these problems, as well as providing practical tips and live demos from Europe and North America.





A pdf of the slides from the presentation is also available to download here