Spatial Data Science is a rapidly growing discipline across a wide range of industries in both the private and public sector. To kick off 2020, we invited a group of thought leaders from enterprise organizations to help us understand how these organizations are evolving their Data Science & GIS setups.


In this session,  join Florence Broderick (VP Marketing) and Miguel Álvarez (Data Scientist), as they break down key insights from ‘The State of Spatial Data Science in Enterprise 2020’ report and provide advice on the shifts and trends transforming the field. 


In this webinar, you learn:


  • - How will investment in Spatial Data Science initiatives expand?
  • - Which technologies and tools are preferred in the industry?
  • - How to identify the right software and data to support Spatial Data Science projects?
  • - What are the most valued skills to hire relevant talent in this highly competitive field?


A pdf of the slides of the presentation is also available to download here