In this practical webinar, we focus on how Snowflake and CARTO can be used seamlessly to tackle advanced Location Intelligence use cases.

Sergei Sokolenko (Product Lead at Snowflake) and Javier de la Torre (Founder and Chief Strategy Officer at CARTO) showcase how Snowflake and CARTO work together to extend the geospatial functionalities available to Snowflake users.


What you’ll learn: 

- Understand how Snowflake continues to innovate in the area of geospatial analytics.


  • - See how CARTO’s cloud native offering truly empowers users by opening up a full suite of spatial functionalities, right inside the Snowflake data platform.
  • - Using practical demos, learn how you can easily connect to Snowflake hosted data, enrich with 3rd party datasets, run advanced spatial analyses, and publish beautiful map visualizations.



If you are a Snowflake user and interested in taking your spatial analytics to the next level, then don’t miss this webinar!


        • A PDF of the slides of the presentation is also available to download here.