Kanye West & Gap's “The Perfect Hoodie” collaboration brought a wave of popularity never seen before in the retail giant’s online history. The popular high street brand experienced a 40% rise in the stock price on the day of the announcement (June 26, 2020) and sold out all pre-orders in a matter of hours, with 70% of the customers who bought the hoodie new to the brand.


But will the collaboration be enough to reinvigorate Gap’s brick-and-mortar growth and activate a new customer base?


In this webinar, we analyze the effects of the YEEZY x Gap partnership by looking at the intersection between Kanye following household segments & the localization of Gap stores. We show how to leverage the new PersonaLive Social Segmentation System data from Spatial.ai, now available in CARTO’s Data Observatory. Lÿden Foust (CEO of Spatial.ai) and Vanessa López (Data Partnerships Manager at CARTO) walk us through:



      - Determine top Kanye following segments.
      - Use CARTO to map counts of Kanye followers near Gap locations.
      - Analyze the effect the announcement had on Gap stores near Kanye followers.


  • How to examine the state of Gap’s traditional customer set during the pandemic & what segments experienced changes after the announcement.

  • How to take advantage of the insights to make future strategies that will maximize the impact in the long term.




  • A PDF of the slides of the presentation is also available to download here.