The last year has shown that the world is an ever-changing place, meaning consumers’ wants are also a moving target. As consumer needs evolve closely linked to cultural, socio-economic, and health factors, so must CPG and retail brands.

The combination of new location data streams and spatial data science techniques opens up a new array of opportunities for CPG data and marketing professionals seeking where to prioritize in terms of ramping up distribution and identifying POS (points of sale).

In this webinar, our speakers Argyrios Kyrgiazos (Data Scientist at CARTO) and Lyden Foust (CEO of walk us through a real-life case study on how to leverage new types of spatial data, such as social media behavior, to define a methodology to select the optimal areas for the rollout of organic products in New York City and Philadelphia, enabling CPG firms to see where they may have gaps in their POS networks.

What you’ll learn:

- How to combine new location data streams and spatial data science techniques to define more optimal strategies for the distribution of consumer goods.
- How CPG brands can place their products as close as possible to areas with the greatest potential demand to ensure increased sales and ROI.


A PDF of the slides of the presentation is also available to download here.