Tesco vs Budget Brands: Using Location Intelligence to Increase Market Share

Florence Broderick

VP Strategic Solutions & Data at CARTO

Wenfei Xu

Data Scientist at CARTO

Over the past 5 years, discount supermarket brands like Aldi and Lidl have rapidly expanded their market share, with the traditional supermarket titans feeling the pinch. In response, Tesco is now opening a new chain of discount stores, called Jack’s, to remain competitive and increase overall profits.


In this webinar, Wenfei Xu (Data Scientist at CARTO) and Florence Broderick (VP Strategic Solutions & Data) walk through the process of building spatial models with the predictive capabilities needed to pinpoint optimal sites for new Jack’s locations while demonstrating:


  • - How to analyze market fit for expansion
  • - How to prevent revenue loss from cannibalization
  • - Why building spatial models for more accurate revenue prediction is fundamental to success