1...2...3 – Let's Go!

Taylor Swift's Eras Tour is set to generate $4.6 billion in consumer spending for the US economy – but with only (!) 146 shows, many fans and businesses are set to miss out.


And it's not just Taylor Swift! Whether it's something as huge-scale as a global music tour or something as localized as a rain shower, events present both challenges and opportunities for business. Understanding the spatial complexities of this is key to understanding what these are.


Keen to learn more? Join our Geospatial Advocate, Helen McKenzie, as she explores the geography of the Eras tour to solve the important spatial problem: which areas are experiencing Taylor Swift deprivation?



You'll learn to :

 ● Use financial spend data to understand the impact of events on local economies.

 ● Identify where the target market is for major events.


 ● Leverage Spatial Indexes to understand the impact at both local and national scales.

  • 600x200



A PDF of the presentation slides is available to download here, as well as access to the worksheet to allow you to replicate the analysis from the webinar.