At the leading edge of digital transformation, telcos are in the best

position to leverage data through a spatial lens. Telcos capture

billions of data points from network events and subscriber usage

data. The challenge? How to maximize this data to optimize

investments, create new data products for B2B clients, and

increase marketing effectiveness.


In this webinar, Niek van Veen (VP for Growth at Thinking
Machines), Florence Broderick (Chief Marketing Officer at CARTO),
and Andrew Psaltis (Data Analytics & AI at Google Cloud) will discuss:

- How telcos can turn millions of monthly mobile network events

into insights for companies in retail, OOH, tourism, & the public



  • - How to leverage cloud technology to deploy & scale data
  • platforms.
  • - How first-party data with remote sensing technologies & third-party
  • datasets can improve demand planning.