In a recent report ‘COVID’s $34 billion bite out of the Big Apple’, it was found that net loss from immigration in the New York area continues to rise, with a total emigration tracking to about -93,000 in 2020 - this is in comparison to a gain of +85,000 in 2019.

This shift in human mobility and a widening area gap in income levels will impact decision-making around new NYC infrastructure, commercial development, and retail location selection in 2021.


Understanding how and where these changes are taking place has never been more important. To do so, Retail and Real Estate professionals around the world are turning to human migration and location data to evolve their strategy and adapt to the new normal. 


In this webinar, Alejandra Aranzadi (Data Partnerships Manager at CARTO) and Frode Bjerke (CTO at Unacast) discuss how decision-ready location data can help decision makers answer the following questions:


  • - How am I performing compared to my competitors?
    - Which areas & venues perform best for my brand & why?
    - How can I identify Areas of Opportunity & Coverage Gaps?
    - What rent prices will my tenants be able to pay?


A PDF of the slides of the presentation is also available to download here.