• Accurate and up-to-date measurement of local population distribution is crucial to a wide range of geospatial analysis - with many models regularly suffering at the hands of out-of-date census data. WorldPop started in 2013 with the aim of creating global, contemporary, and freely-available human population distribution data for use cases such as epidemic mapping, transport and urban planning, accessibility modelling, disaster management, and many more.


    In this webinar, Prof. Andrew Tatem, Geography and Environmental Science Professor at the University of Southampton (UK) and director of WorldPop, join us to discuss the impact of such projects with Giulia Carella (Data Scientist at CARTO), looking at how high-resolution data on human population distribution and characteristics are becoming more and more important, not only for public sector organizations, but also for private companies looking to use location intelligence to drive decisions.



  • carto-worldpop


    The webinar will cover:


    - WorldPop: how it started, evolved and what’s next

    - Where to find and how to access WorldPop in CARTO Data Observatory 

    - How WorldPop data plays an essential role in site planning, geomarketing, mobility planning


    A PDF of the slides of the presentation is also available to download here.