Spatial Indexes 101

Everything you need to know about Spatial Indexes! Including what they are, why you should be using them and practical guides to get you started…




Spatial data is BIG. Sometimes, it’s too big - too big to render, analyze and interpret. One way of dealing with this challenge is the use of a support geography - a simplified representation of your data that is more manageable. 

Enter Spatial Indexes. 

Spatial Indexes are multi-resolution, hierarchical grids that are “geolocated” by a short reference string, rather than a complex geometry. Smaller to store and faster to process; they out-compete conventional geometries for complex data analysis and visualization.


But where to start? Spatial Indexes 101 is your ultimate guide to taking your analysis to the next level. In this ebook, you’ll discover:


  • What the different types of Spatial Indexes are, and how to choose the right index type and resolution for your work.


  • How to get started - loading indexes and understanding their properties.


  • Practical guides and exercises for running analysis and gaining insights from your data.


And much more!


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